Welcome to the place where I publish my fiction. I’m not going to tell you all sorts of fascinating things about myself, because it’s far too tempting to make stuff up or to boast, and I reckon you’re not going to believe that I won a grave-digging contest at age fourteen anyway.  Besides, what good are those bios?  They’re a smokescreen.  Either you like what I write, or you don’t.

Mortal Ghost is my first novel, a YA fantasy which you can read or download in its entirety. The serialisation of Corvus, my second novel, is now complete.  You can read it online or download it in a variety of e-formats. Short stories will be added from time to time, so do check back.  Podcasts of the novels are available for those who enjoy audiobooks.

All the fiction on this site carries a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works License.  Read the stories, print them out, pass them on.  If you decide to make a Hollywood blockbuster from something I’ve written, however, you’ll have to ask me first!



Grateful thanks to sculptor David Ruth for permission to use his photo of the ice cave at Old Palmer Station, Anvers Island, Antarctica.  David blogged his journey to Antarctica.

No one has worked harder than writer and web guru Chris Poirier to make this website possible, for which thanks alone hardly suffice. Chris, your generosity is inspiring.


I love to hear from my readers. And yes, I really answer every email, unless you’re offering to enhance my performance or transfer a large sum from the blocked account of a deposed monarch/president/minister of finance/djinn.

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Oooo . . . the first time I’ve seen the website! Very, very nice! : )
Hope everyone’s ok, especially Esther!


Hi Helen, thanks. Esther is much better, but she will always have to be careful. She works too hard!

Sorry you didn’t like The Reaper but good luck with your projects.  Corvus is interesting.

Will there be any way to be notified when the completed PDF of Corvus is ready for download?

Lee: Hi Nell, I’ve started a list and will email you as soon as a complete PDF file of the novel is available to download. There are 48 chapters in total.

Thanks for asking.

I just finished Corvus.. . . . Sorry, the end was a bit disappointing or maybe not explicit enough for my liking. Sure I get you were playing around with reality/ different realities/times. . . . But I was for some kind of solution/ explanation how all those different stories belonged together!

Lee: Thanks for not revealing too much detail for other readers!

Hey! I just read finished your book “Mortal Ghost” and literally loved it to bits!!! Hope to see a sequel soon if your planning on writing one. Please keep me posted :)

Lee: Hi, Tracy. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm. At the moment I don’t have any plans to write a sequel, because I’m beginning to work on another novel with some of the same concerns as Corvus, but I will certainly keep you posted.

it is just a wonderful website. congrates Lowe and i want to thank you for this wonderful jobs. I am very glad to find your two novels in audio version. I wish you all the best for future. we want to see more of your works. Keep going on!

Lee: Thanks so much. I’ll pass on your comment to Ioan, the narrator of Corvus.

Just finished Mortal Ghost. I loved it, it was so hauntingly beautiful. I am still wrapped up emotionally in the characters and their destinies. I really feel like I was put through an emotional wringer, there were times when I had to take a break from the story to calm myself before going back to read more. I can’t wait to read Corvus, you are a very gifted story teller, I hope to see more from you!

Lee: Such an inspiring comment! Thank you.

I just finished “Mortal Ghost”, the first of your books i have read.

Hello, I am a 76 year old man, soon to be 77.
That said, I have read thousands of books.
This was the best “bar none” that I have ever read.

I can’t wait to start the rest.

Thank you for being there when an old cripple needed you.


Lee: Vince, you’ve made me feel very humble. Thank you.

Thank you for the story, Mortal Ghost, We all love to read and listent to it, especially my son,  Thank you very much.

Mortal Ghost was the first e-book I have downloaded when I first learned what an e-book is. LOL. Anyway, I like your work though I’m sad with ending . . . (but I still liked the story)

Anyway, good luck to you and more power!

Hello Mr. Lowe

Well I got my brand new Kindle for my birthday and Mortal Ghost was the first book I downloaded. And god I’m hooked, you are a brilliant writer and you have a real great knack for coming up with a addictive story line. I am a young inspiring writer myself having been writing since the age of seven I have written 8 books and 2 of them were turned down by publishers. I have though been published in my local newspaper. I myself was thinking of giving up writing for awhile but then I read your novel and you gave my inspiration to continue my book series/

Thank you Mr. Lowe!


Lee: Keep with it, Jake. To write you have to be very persistent, stubborn even.

Hi, I just finished “Mortal Ghost”, I loved it, but I have questions, if you don’t mind answering them, but it’s fine if you don’t, it’s still a great book. I don’t understand what happened with Daisy(I know Jesse killed her unintentionally, but I don’t understand why it happened), and the part when he left the house to go for a walk in the middle of the night(Nubi transforms into Anubis and Jesse kills the man [himself] hanging in the tree). Also, I don’t understand anything about the supercomputer, why it was even in the book, anything. I intend to re-read it and hopefully figure out some of these things on my own, but I think I’ll wait a little while, the book really exercises the brain. I did like the last page or so, when Sarah sees Jesse and him and the baby are soaked and dripping wet, and then it says she named the baby Ariel; that was very clever of you. :)

Another thought: The book ended on a major cliffhanger, in my opinion, so will there be a sequel?

Lee: It’s terrific to hear from you, Jessie, and all your questions are understandable, which makes it hard for me not to answer, but I tend to believe that I’d spoil it for everyone if I did. Each reader participates in writing a novel in their own imagination. Authors shouldn’t interfere in this process once the book is written.

I don’t have any plans at the moment for a sequel, but it’s always possible. Characters live on, and I too may one day like to discover what they’ve been up to.

I’ve read Mortal Ghost and Corvus – and I love them both!
They are unique and reflect the harsh reality of the world in their fictional nature. Though that might seem ironical, it is the best thing about the books. And I love the way each and every thing in the book doesn’t make clear sense. I relate them to abstract art. Beautiful.
I am eighteen and working on my YA novel since last year. It seems hopeless at times, but then I go back and skim through one of your books and I find the strength to chance it, once again!
You inspire me beyond all the big-name authors whose books I have read, Lowe. Thank you very much!

Lee: Hi Sasha, how humble this makes me feel! I hope I can live up to your ideals in future writing. And don’t give up: it’s persistence, and hard work, which are key.

I just read ” Mortal Ghost”. I am not quite crying. Still not sure if like is the correct word to use about it. It makes me wonder about varieties of life in our world.  It also is now sending me to look for more of your writings.

Lee: Thank you so very much, Sharon. It’s a great pleasure to hear from you.

I read both Mortal Ghost and good chunk of Corvus on my Kobo and fell in love with your writing style. I’m delighted to find this blog. I confess, it staggered me to realize that those two were your only full-length novels yet. I expected you to have a great deal more published. I’m most impressed. -P

Lee: Hi, Paula. I started writing in anything like a disciplined fashion quite late, in middle age (or so I like to call my early 50s). And I’m slow! But a new short story will be published elsewhere in January (link to follow), I’m working on a novel now, and have plans for another YA F/SF book after that.

Thanks so much for your support.

You let me down.

When I was 200 pages into “Mortal Ghost,” I kept hoping that I was reading one the best works of fantasy that I’d read in years. Here was a writer who knew literature and seemed to have a feel for language. The characters were fascinating and lovable. I was eager to know where the story would take them.

Then I gradually began to discover that, when you started writing “Mortal Ghost,” you didn’t know how it would end. That is a fatal mistake, a cruelty to the reader, a swindle by the author.

As you began to flop to find an ending, it was as though you consulted a classful of lame creative writing students on what to do next. You wrote surreal, hallucinatory scenes that didn’t make a bit of sense. You started to use stupid, choppy language, the language of amateurs and creative writing students. You started to/string/words/together/with/slashes. You ended up going exactly nowhere … And then you left us with an ending that was at best ambiguous — the worst kind of ending.

You have the potential of being a good writer. You invent great characters. But you need a story, and “Mortal Ghost” didn’t have one.

Lee: Hi David, thanks for your views. I’ve edited your comment to remove plot details which might spoil things for the next reader, but I’ve tried not to change its substance significantly.

I have read lots of books. It’s my favorite pass time for the last 30 years. I downloaded Mortal Ghost because the guy on the cover looks like my son, James. I have read Mortal Ghost more than 5 times. I love the book. I am reading it again. I find Jesse and Sarah very engaging. I am looking forward to reading Corvus but I have to finish reading Jesse’s story again. This is one book I am keeping on my Nook forever. The story moves me.

Lee: Hi Ramona, I’m just like you. When I like a book, I read it over and over again. I’m so glad to hear from you.

hi Lee I finished your story and I loved it so much. I saw it on my nook and I just had to read it. It was so inspiring that now I’m going to read the rest of your books. I was so sad when Nubi died. I was so heart broken when Jesse died and Sarah had a kid. When I finished it I wanted to read more about it. Please keep me posted.

Hi Bella, it’s lovely to hear from you, especially since I’m struggling so much to get a handle on my new novel. I will definitely make a note to keep you posted.

I’ve just finished “Mortal Ghost” and if I tell you the first thing I did on finishing it was to download “Corvus” then that tells you how much I enjoyed your style of writing! Your character description was excellent and I really felt that I became a member of the Anderson family, along with Jesse. I simply loved Finn – who wouldn’t? And the scenes with Gavin and Mike (what a nasty piece of work they both were!) saw me egging Jesse on to give them what they deserved.
Like other readers, I found the super computer thing a little confusing though and it sometimes took me a while to make the difference between dream scenes and reality but overall it was an excellent read.

Hi Claire,
Years after writing – and rewriting – a book, authors sometimes still think about how they could have made it better. We change as writers as well as readers, and it’s awfully tempting to keep going back and revising. For the moment, I’ve essentially decided that it’s best to use what I’ve learned in new work. But who knows?

Thanks so much for your thoughts!

I stumbled upon your books at feedbooks. I finished Corvus sometime ago and liked it. But on two long trainrides the last weekend I’ve read Mortal Ghost and liked it a lot. I’ll probably need to reread some parts (English is not my mother tongue), but thank you anyway. I’m very curious about new works from you now. I hope you keep the cc-licence, although I won’t mind paying for books (and actually do it a lot).

I will definitely provide a free version of all my work in one form or another as a matter of principle – so readers like you can find my fiction! However, it will probably be a year or more before my next novel is available.


Hi,  just read mortal ghost- it was a very engaging, take you from reality, can’t put the book down kind of read.  The story was beautiful and amazing, the ending felt incomplete and lacking it either needs-sequel or a completed ending . . . .  I would like to read another of your novels and probably will; however, the feeling of in being brought up in another plain and left dangling from this boom has made me hesitant.

Hi Shona, I understand your hesitation, so maybe I ought to warn you that the ending to Corvus is even trickier – certainly not to everyone’s taste. If you do end up reading it, please let me know what you think. I’m always grateful for feedback.

Thanks so much for making the effort to comment.

Dear L,

I don’t have a good idea of what to say, but I’ll try.

A few days ago I received my x-mas gift. It was totally worth the wait! Thank you so much for all the effort to make the first hardcover and signing it for me.
I also wanted to say that, as a sensitive person I easily lose myself in stories, but none have stirred me/frightened me/made me as happy and what not, as Mortal Ghost has.
It was quite the emotional rollercoaster for me. Haha, silly me . . . 
I could really relate to Jesse and the ending is perfect in my eyes. It fits the rest of the story wonderfully.
I think you must be an intelligent person to be able to write such a story. With plenty of knowledge on life and humanbeings.

 . . . makes me curious about Corvus. I’ll listen to it when there’s time 😀 and I won’t forget to give Mortal Ghost some good reviews here and there.

Thanks so much! You’re kind!

Arg, (appearently I have more to say than just that one comment)

 . . . after reading some of the comments here, I feel a great need to say that the style and ending of Mortal Ghost are a matter of taste. I see some feel like they’re left dangling and others might feel confused about the strange reality things going on, but I actually really LOVE the reality/fantasy sitiations and felt at home reading this book. (since I often have an unusual way of thinking myself) I admit the ending of the book is not so much the end of the story, but I really really like it the way it is! For me, it’s the perfect ending for this book and I couldn’t possibly have thought of a better one. I really love the mystery and wonderful hope-filled feeling it gives. I would be scared a sequal would ruin this for me, even though I also long for the story to continue since it has been such a wonderful one.

Andrea, thank you so much. It’s wonderful when someone feels as you do about my writing – the best sort of reward!

I finished the “Mortal Ghost” and then read it again.  You put so much, into this story, to process and untangle, I believe no one would have the same experince reading it. In fact, I think that no matter how many times I read it,  I would walk away, with new thoughts and perspectives. It was truly an emotional reading experience. It forces you to see the worlds indecencies, that too many of us close our eyes to.  One question though, where did it take place? I could never totally figure it out. A wonderful read!!

Hi Laura, thanks so much for your enthusiasm! Mortal Ghost takes place in a world very close to our own.

Thank you for sharing your talent with us. I read Mortal Ghost & of course I want more. However, should you choose not to continue their story I understand. I am able to concoct many different story lines from the fantastic characters you’ve developed right here in my mind. I will re-read this story often. Thank you again for sharing your talent.

Thank you, Debbie. At the moment I have no plans to write a sequel to Mortal Ghost, though I am considering a new novel set in the Corvus universe.

I wish Mortal Ghost was not only on kindel addition. I have tried to find a paper or hard copy but no luck. It was my first book of yours to read and I LOVE IT!!!

Hi Carolyn, I’m so glad you feel this way about Mortal Ghost. If you’re still interested in a paperback copy, here’s a link to the POD service Lulu, where you can order one – and if you’d like a signed copy, just email me and we’ll arrange something:


Your style is really unique compared to other folks I have
read stuff from. Thanks for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I’ll just bookmark this

Now I am ready to do my breakfast, after having my breakfast coming again to read further news.

Are you writing anymore books?

Hi Denise, Thank you so much for asking. I’m at work on a novel entitled Over Which Scavenger Angels, which focuses on the relationships between an aristocratic game designer on the planet of Kearth, his twin sister, who is a professor of neuropsychiatry, and one of the rare commoners who has received an education. If you check the Journal section of this website, you’ll find a couple of early excerpts from the novel.

Hello, L. Lee Lowe! I am a big fan of yours especially when you released your book “Mortal Ghost”. I am a writer in the social website Wattpad and I would like to ask you a permission about making a review of your work and present it in Wattpad. I will only describe and promote your stories to other Wattpad readers that loves reading amizing stories like yours! If you have an account there, can I know it? Thank you for your kind consideration. I would love to brag about your stories to my friends and followersin Wattpad. Thank you!

~Lady Atlas

Hi Lady Atlas,

Thanks so much for your support. Of course you may write a review. Here’s the Mortal Ghost listing at Wattpad:


And my general account, where you can find everything I’ve placed on Wattpad:


Hello dear writer,

I’ve just finished A Mortal Ghost.  I am still digesting.  There are definitely questions raised that didn’t get answered, and one of my torments is that I cannot remember how the book was recommended to me in the first place. 

I hope that your writing career is going well, whatever that looks like for you.

Warm regards,
Thoughtful Reader

Thank you, T.R., for your comment. I am very appreciative of readers who take the time to give me feedback.

It may be a while yet, but I’m still working on my new novel, Over Which Scavenger Angels. Sometime soon, I’ll post another excerpt.

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