A new excerpt

Since it will probably be a year or two – or longer! – before I can publish my new novel, here’s another excerpt to keep you going.

Shivering slightly, Khai moved to the edge of the cliff. His toes gripped the rock, his wings outspread to help him balance. The soles of his feet would soon be stained purple from the lichen, his hair soaked from the spray, but he continued to gaze into the sounding darkness below. Occasionally, a grounder jumped to his death from a building or bridge, from an escarpment to which only winged climbers were permitted access. The barbaric practice of clipping embryonic wings had been abandoned centuries ago in favour of genetic modification, which idiots like Tark’s father claimed was far more humane, since you couldn’t miss what you’d never had. Last year, Namonkhai’s teenage daughter had died at the Sable Quarry. Whether suicide or accident, each death was a death too many. If Khai achieved nothing else as councillor, he’d see to it that no person was ever again denied their wings. It was—or ought to be—their birthright. Though his grandmother had yet to endorse his campaign, there were indications that she viewed it favourably.

And yes, it’s from the same novel as the previous excerpt!