The Not-Dead and the Saved

My daughter spent two weeks in intensive care back in July and nearly six weeks in hospital. She remembers very little of that time. I do much of the remembering for her.

I remember her terrible pain.

I remember her seizures.

I remember her confusion.

I remember her hallucinations.

I remember her attempts to escape – lifelines ripped loose.

I remember her hands bound to the bed.

I remember desperation.

I remember exhaustion.

I remember anger.

I remember being terrified to answer the phone when not at the hospital.

I remember her pleading ‘Let me die’.

I remember promising her, silently, that she wouldn’t die alone, if she had to die.

I remember her determination to withdraw from the morphine, when it became possible.

I remember her strength.

The Not-Dead and the Saved  is a short story by Kate Clancy that I urge you to read.