For those of you reading Mortal Ghost, you might want to have a look at what DF of Breakfast with Pandora suggests about Jesse.

In this Jesse is very Greek, in a way like Heracles, who, according to some versions of his life, bookended his magnificent feat of completing the 12 Impossible Labors with the murders of his first and second wives. Heracles, the most outstanding person who cannot ever escape his outstandingness.


3 thoughts on “A contemporary Heracles?

  1. DF 17 years ago

    Not only interesting but natural, given the complexity of Lee’s vision, Maxine.

    Sometimes I want a more fast-paced conventional plot from Mortal Ghost, but the unraveling and reraveling of Jesse’s mystery has always kept me reading.

    As to Disney and the girl… well, since she’s my daughter, it isn’t a question of my “letting” her do anything. She’s royalty and I’m her footman. 🙂

  2. Michele 17 years ago

    To be honest, I think there’s nothing wrong with encouraging children AND adults to be brilliant. But pushing children into being brilliant is an entirely different matter. Let them discover for themselves what they love and encourage them to always do their best at it…

  3. Maxine 17 years ago

    How interesting, and gratifying, to have your character discussed like this, Lee.
    I’m surprised he lets his daughter watch the Disney channel though 😉