Whilst only in my wildest daydreams could my numbers begin to approach Neil Gaiman’s million blog readers, I did a tally today for the fantastic people at Carmarthenshire who have been making the Mortal Ghost podcasts, most particularly Welsh actor Ioan Hefin, Development Manager of Performing Arts at the College, Pasha Alpturer, in charge of studio and sound, and of course the utterly wonderful Bill Uden, who is now into his gap year and busy auditioning for further performance studies.

I could hardly believe my eyes when I added the figures. The podcast site gets about 12,000 hits per month, with a peak of 17,000 in July. And to date there have been 9530 podcast downloads!

None of this would have been possible without Ioan, Pasha, and Bill – nor without the help of Derec Jones, who first put me in touch with them – so my thanks number in the kwakabazillions, if not my readership. They’ve worked tirelessly to get it right, without earning a cent for their efforts.


2 thoughts on “A little boasting, and a lot of thanks

  1. greg rappleye 17 years ago

    That’s amazing!


  2. L.M.Noonan 17 years ago

    Zounds…that is so wonderful AND so well deserved. You are an inspiration Lee