I’m enjoying John Baker‘s survey of bloggers so much that I’ve decided to answer his five questions too. (John, I sincerely hope you’re not offended!) Here goes.

1. Why do you blog?
So people will pay attention to my fiction.
So I can procrastinate in good conscience.

Hm, honest but not very admirable. Just like me, I fear.

2. Which author and/or book has most influenced you?
The dictionary.

3. Which three blogs do you most visit?
An easy one! My own.

4. Why do you read fiction?
To find out what all those words in the dictionary have got up to while my back was turned.

5. What makes you laugh?
All the blogs that teach you how to perform neurosurgery. Haven’t found them yet? Never mind, try the ones that tell you how to write.


6 thoughts on “Five Questions

  1. Lee 18 years ago

    Laziness, Debi, sheer laziness!

  2. Debi 18 years ago

    Great answers, Lee. And I’m so full of admiration for you for keeping it short and punchy instead of going on. And on. And on … as I tend to do!

  3. S William 18 years ago

    I enjoy his site as well.

  4. maxine 18 years ago

    Good one, Lee — short and sweet as well as making you think. Perfect answer to a meme. (This is a good meme of John’s, by the way, I don’t usually like memes but this is a good one as it is relevant (to me, anyway).

  5. Minx 18 years ago

    See, making up your own interview comes to all of us in the end!

    And Linda, your honesty is an admirable quality and one that I rely on.

  6. John Baker 18 years ago

    No, I’m not offended, Lee. Flattered, certainly. And impressed, as well. Thank’s for the introduction to your blog. I’ll be back for more.