Corvus remains available as MP3 podcasts, narrated by the wonderful Welsh actor Ioan Hefin. I’m in the process of updating Ioan’s current biography on the Corvus title page – and eventually there’ll be some new photos too – but as a way of archiving previous information, each year I’ll post the past year’s text.

Here is what we said in 2011:

Ioan has worked as an actor, writer and director for over twenty years. His most recent works include a one-man show based on the life of Alfred Russel Wallace, which toured in Wales and Brazil last year and is scheduled for a performance in the Natural History Museum in London before the end of the year.

Bilingual in English and Welsh, Ioan has also played the part of Berian for the award winning ‘Pen Talar’ (Fiction Factory/S4C) and James for ‘Gwaith Cartref’ (Fiction Factory/S4C). He will be joining the cast of ‘Teulu’ (Boomerang/S4C) to play the role of Dafydd Wyn during the summer and autumn.

He has also appeared in two short films during 2011. ‘Nia’ (Stray Dog Cinema) was premiered during June and ‘I’ve Seen Angels’ is currently in post-production.

He will also be returning to the Edinburgh Fringe for the first time since 1986 to direct “Random’ for Quad Theatre Company.

In Ioan’s own words:

For me, 2010 has been one of those rare years where work has been plentiful, challenging, varied and very, very satisfying. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every minute because those sorts of years don’t come around very often in the acting world!

The one-man show about the life of Alfred Russel Wallace has been on the road again – and is heading to Rio de Janeiro before the end of July. The response has also prompted Theatr Na n’Og to adapt the script for a cast of three and will be performing for young people from South Wales between September and December in the Dylan Thomas Theatre in Swansea. Wallace is definitely my all-time hero and should be an ambassador for everyone in Wales – and every citizen of planet earth.

Over 6000 young people have also seen my adaptation of the ‘Gluscabi’ stories that toured in the spring.

I’ve been filming two new series for S4C’s Fiction Factory: ‘Pen Talar’ and ‘Gwaith Cartref’. They’re due for broadcast during the winter.

I returned to Trinity College in Carmarthen to direct a production with BA Acting students and hope to return there again next spring. They’re a wonderful group of students to work with.

The consistent project for the past year has been the serialisation of Corvus, and what a fantastic way to cap a memorable year. My main aim was to try and justify the quality of the text – I’m still in awe of the writing. I feel truly privileged to have been involved, and the experience is one that will remain with me forever. (I now realise why editors curse actors for going beyond one take!)