You can take in a screening of NOISE, my daughter Esther’s directing debut, at the Brooklyn Film Festival on 9th and 12th June.

The film website is here, and the original short story here.

And here is the citation of the Sehsüchte Potsdam-Babelsberg Film Festival jury, which awarded NOISE the Honourable Mention in its category:

In NOISE Esther Löwe demonstrates that a film can also be a poem, written with the camera, with light and sound, a poem which tells of love, loss, death, and pain and of the memories which inhabit our bodies and our dwellings. Esther Löwe draws richly on the artistic and technical potential of film, bringing a unique creativity, lyricism, and originality to the screen without surrendering to the lure of a formulaic linear narrative’s effortless comprehensibility. Rather than serve up an interlude of light entertainment, her film challenges us to engage with it. And in this she takes no easy path—one, however, which is indeed worth following, for it leads beyond the borders of the commonplace towards the realm where there is something new to discover, towards broader, freer spaces which give our thoughts and imagination fresh air to breathe.