Not to be outdone by the glories of writer stardom, I present a selection from my own surreal scrapbook.

My first writing implements

An early portrait

My first novel

My muse

My suitcase

Our wedding rings

My husband’s gift to me on my 50th birthday

My current novel


6 thoughts on “Pieces of me

  1. L.M.Noonan 16 years ago

    in this instance a picture can paint a thousand words. Are there really such marvels as albino crows or is that some canny photoshopping?

  2. Lee 16 years ago

    Hi Catherine, it’s good to know that at least one person finds me amusing!

  3. Catherine J Gardner 16 years ago

    LOL! Oh, and I love those suitcases.

  4. Lee 16 years ago

    In the unlikely event that I compose a masterpiece, I’ll let you know how I’ve done it … no, come to think of it, I won’t. I’ll leave the self-revelations to those writers who enjoy that sort of thing – or who believe it serves a literary purpose.

  5. bookwitch 16 years ago

    Now, now, calm down. Quite like the suitcase, but doubt that the early portrait is you. And don’t you compose your masterpieces electronically? Hard to scrunch up a computer…