One of the things I’d like to come to terms with if I continue blogging is lack of honesty. There’s a lot I don’t say, or say openly, because it’s either not pc, might be misconstrued, or would conflict with my online persona. You’ll notice I haven’t mentioned offending people. Whatever you say is going to offend someone, somewhere, and if there’s any point to a blog, it’s to work through the ideas you genuinely hold. Take the way YA enthusiasts are immediately incensed if you venture to suggest there’s something peculiar about adults reading books designed for teens, especially those adults who don’t read much else. No, don’t take that one; it’s been rehashed so often online that even Gypsy would turn up her nose at it, and she gobbles everything within canine reach, and then some.

In fact, forget this blogging lark altogether and go read Claire Keegan’s latest collection of short stories, Walk the Blue Fields. Read it slowly and as you should with any such volume, leave plenty of time between each story. Otherwise, you might as well read the dog food packet. But be warned: you may never write another word again. Yup, they’re that good.

It’s a shame I can’t unearth anything online to give you a taste for this wonderful Irish writer’s work. Claire, if you happen to come by, do something about this! You’ll be acquiring devotees.


2 thoughts on “Struggling with honesty

  1. Lee 16 years ago

    How you say something is what you say. And I agree with you about informed (or reflected) views. Sadly, there aren’t many of them about. Nor have I escaped this failing.

  2. Nannette Croce 16 years ago

    I always feel it’s not what you say but how you say it. Opinions should be, above all, informed (i.e. not making broad statements about people or things we know nothing about) and sensitive (even criticisms can be sensitive). As you say, this doesn’t meant others won’t take offense, but that offense will have little basis.