This post is a good place to introduce you to Reading the Short Story, a blog I’ve recently discovered. Charles E. May, a retired professor of literature, writes posts which bring his lively mind, considerable teaching experience, and years of close reading to a favourite form of mine. And he responds thoughtfully to all comments, so that much is to be gained from the exchange. Do make some time for his archives.


2 thoughts on “Twenty-five random opinions about the short story

  1. Lee 15 years ago

    Hi John, days like that are awful, aren’t they?

    I’ve been wondering if you’re in the midst of a new novel.

  2. John Baker 15 years ago

    Thanks for this link. It’s so important to pass goodies like this on. Everything was going wrong today, got up late, couldn’t get on the internet, weird back pain, feeling dislocated from life, but this really made my day.