Lola and Taro, two lonely children, live in the fairytale world of an abandoned attic, hidden from nameless danger. Despite her own needs, Lola looks after her small brother. One evening, when Taro begs her to play a game of hide-and-seek, the situation careens out of control. Lola takes out her biggest fear on Taro. Merry-Go-Round exists in an internal universe in which the relationship between two children becomes the mirror of the world at large.

My daughter Esther’s film Merry-Go-Round has been accepted at the Viewster Online Film Fest:

Please watch, like, comment, and especially send this on to as many people as possible. Prize money will be awarded on the basis of audience voting (i.e. LIKES), which would help Esther to make her next film.

To vote, you need to register or sign in (via Facebook is possible, for example), then watch and like a minimum of three films. It’s not necessary to watch each film in its entirety: there’s a countdown which runs — often for 60 seconds — after which you can ‘like’ the film. Liking is the way you vote, and again, you need to like three films before they count as votes. It sounds complicated, and isn’t well explained at the website, but it’s actually quite easy.

Do try to spread the word around. Thanks!