My quote of the week – or maybe month:

Identity, schmidentity: projecting a coherent self is overrated, and probably, for those who can pull it off, the result of a dishonest performance. Anyone who has suffered under the hard bigotry of high expectations knows what a total bum-out it is to one’s American freedom to have some acquaintance, friend, lover, or fan crave consistency from you, pretending that contemporary Western personhood involves more than blood sugar, preadolescent trauma, central air, and matte effect texture gel.

Jeez, how the hell am I supposed to compete with writing like William Bowers’? Want to read a fantastic essay he’s written? Try this one. And you’d best print it out for safekeeping just in case the link up and dies on you. I reckon dead links end up in cyburgatory, waiting for the next Dante.

William Bowers, write more!