I’m still astounded that there are readers who go to the trouble of analysing and writing reviews or lengthy posts online about Mortal Ghost. Though it makes me appear anxious to overload this blog with self-promotion, I do think it’s appropriate to thank these readers and to link to their pieces. And no, they’re not without well-needed and much-appreciated criticism. Here are the recent ones I know about (in alphabetical order):

Cailleach, Ireland
Chris Armstrong, Wales
Khylan Seriphyn, Australia
lifelongreader, UAE


2 thoughts on “A few reviews

  1. Lee 17 years ago

    Thanks,llr. That’s really appreciated.

  2. lifelongreader 17 years ago

    Hi Lee,

    I didn’t realise you were at work on a new book – can’t wait!

    I have posted a link to Mortal Ghost on a few book forums, and recommended it there.