The Hydra is a mythical beast.
The Hydra lives in the swamp of our imagination.
The Hydra has many heads, 9 or 99, which regrow if severed.
The Hydra has noxious breath which kills any person who approaches.
The Hydra regularly emerges from its hiding place for prey, terrorising beast and human alike.

Another name for the Hydra is Plot. It cannot be tamed, and requires divine blood like Heracles’ to attack it successfully.


2 thoughts on “The Hydra

  1. Lee 16 years ago

    I must look that up, thanks L.M.

  2. L.M.Noonan 16 years ago

    Personally I’ve not so much ‘lost the plot’ just nevr really worried about it. Phillip Pullman wrote something intersting about that, I think on his web or blog site.