Most of you will have noticed that I’ve lost interest in blogging for the moment, partly because there are just too many words out there, and partly just because. The occasional notice or update will appear as needed. I am writing fiction, however, and I expect you’ll be able to read Corvus sometime before the next millenium.

And here’s a link to the latest Mortal Ghost review from The Lulu Book Review blog, which does exactly what it says. There are spoilers, so if you plan to read the novel, please keep that in mind.


3 thoughts on “Cybernation

  1. Judith Fitzgerald 16 years ago

    Spontaneous, you mean, Lee? That’s a good quality, IMO; let us never become old ladies who intransigently insist things stay exactly the same (or else!). I know you have a great book in you; and, I think you’ll survive writing it, too. (Or, maybe, I’m projecting; but, we’re not going anywhere till the work is done, she said, laughing all the way to the brink :).)

  2. Lee 16 years ago

    Thanks, Judith. Your encouragement means a lot. I’ve never really found a blogging voice which suits me, and I’m anything but a spontaneous writer. Do you remember Gladwell’s New Yorker piece about late bloomers? I’ve read Ben Fountain’s short stories (even blogged a while back about them), and it’s always impressed me how long it took him to learn to write. Only thing is, I’m a great deal older than Fountain and don’t know if I’ve got eighteen or so years in me.

    But who knows? Maybe something will fire me up so much that I end up blogging about it this very afternoon. I’m awfully unpredictable/erratic/indecisive.

  3. Judith Fitzgerald 16 years ago

    I shall miss you, Lee; but, I shall also wish you the best in finishing what must really be begging to be done. Kudos on the review; and, somehow, I see many more in your future coming at you.

    Break a pencil :)!