I’ve decided that the only sane reason to blog is a greater glut of pumpkins, apples, and medlars than words. In my search for something besides jelly to make from quinces, I’ve come across a terrific cookery blog, tiny banquet committee. (Her voice is as good as her recipes, maybe even better.) Don’t be surprised if I start blogging more about food in future. My eating obsessions have been noticed before and extend well into my fiction. In fact, my favourite metaphors are edible (metaphorically speaking).

Unfortunately, the tbc blog has no suggestions for quinces but go ahead and drool over the pumpkin recipes. And you can listen to the pumpkin-carving playlist while stirring an old standby of mine, apple-quince puree: equal parts apples and quinces cored and cut into chunks, stewed with a small amount of water or applejuice and a dash of cinnamon (sugar only if you absolutely must), and pureed. An unusual variation on applesauce. I too never measure for fear I won’t measure up.


2 thoughts on “Quince quest

  1. Lee 16 years ago

    Thanks, this sounds delicious. But it will have to wait for next year, since I’ve just filled the pantry shelves with jars and jars of the apple/quince sauce.